Hey all! So I am in the process of changing my blog over to a self hosted blog (aka no more cheerybaker.wordpress.com) so everything is now on www.thecheerybaker.com, so head over there to read my posts, all past posts are there! Thanks so much and sorry for the confusion!

Hi there! I’m Ally and thanks for stumbling upon my blog of baked goods! I guess the best way to describe myself is as a girl who loves sweets; eating them, baking them, decorating them, buying them.. you name it, I love it. I have loved baking ever since I was little and would help my mom with the yearly Christmas cookies. It wasn’t until I got into college and had Friday’s off and didn’t want to work on homework (dang the perks of college!) that I started really getting into baking all of the time.

I have no formal training in baking and just learned from trial and error and watching both of my grandmas and my mom in the kitchen. I lucked out that I came from talented bakers on both sides of my family.

I decided to start this blog so I could be doing two things that I love; writing and baking. I majored in journalism in college and if I could have minored in baking I would have. A lot of the time I spent sitting in lectures about how to write news stories I was sitting on my computer looking at baking blogs and writing down all of the recipes I wanted to try, this is probably why I was never a good note taker.

I hope you enjoy reading about my crazy times in the kitchen and please continue to come back! 🙂




This is my pup, Lexi, you will probably here about her a lot. She’s my child and I spoil her WAY too much. But she’s so cute!


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